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Founded on September 13th, 2007, Lucidchat.net strives to provide an enjoyable chatting experience for everyone. The project is the brainchild of several people: Jamie, Alucard, Christoph, and Sisco, with help from Kitana and Myst.

Ironically, the network was born through chaos, so to speak; due to persisting problems on another network, a few of us found ourselves at odds. Then, once talk leaked out of creating Lucid, the administrators decided to take hostile action, and banned nearly everyone they thought was involved. Leaving us no choice, we created Lucid as soon as we possibly could: finally, a network to call our home.

From a technical standpoint, the network harnesses the capabilities of Surreal Services, a feature some people might have seen on SurrealChat.net. These services differ from the typical Anope, and should be further examined by the userbase to fully enjoy the Lucid experience.

Visit SurrealChat for more information.

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